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Welcome to the Web-Based Contract Management Services (WBCMS-MTO)


The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) manages one of the world’s largest highway networks. The management of construction, engineering services and maintenance contracts in MTO’s Provincial Highways Management Division are business functions of the Contract Management and Operations Branch (CMOB).


CMOB provides leadership and support to ensure contract management and operational services are managed in a manner that is consistent, safe, achieves value for money and promotes fairness to all stakeholders. Currently, contract management consists of a variety of labour-intensive paper-based methods of recording contract activities in diaries, spreadsheets and databases throughout each contract delivery lifecycle. 


Since MTO must rely on efficient information technology to effectively administer its construction and operations work, MTO is revolutionizing the way contracts are managed through the implementation of a Web-Based Contract Management Service (WBCMS-MTO). 


WBCMS-MTO provides an electronic means to capture field data, transmit and store data, and provide reliable, complete information to users through its many features. This innovative approach will result in a much more streamlined and efficient way of collecting, reporting, and validating data while creating many new efficiencies through automation of various related business processes. WBCMS-MTO will be implemented in phases.


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