Web-Based Contract Management Service

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As an online contract management system, WBCMS-MTO offers several features, including:


  • User enrolment – Ability to enroll users and give them access to the contract online results in effective user management and managed access to key contract information 
  • Dashboards – Easy to use, visual dashboards allow users to quickly gauge their progress and tasks 
  • Contract set up – Online contract set-up means paper contracts no longer need to be faxed or emailed among parties, and the contract is set up online with online signatures 
  • Advanced search engine capabilities – With sophisticated searching capabilities, users can search for contracts and documents much more easily than using a manual filing system 
  • Online access – Users can access the system through an Internet browser, either on a computer or mobile device 
  • Electronic records management – Users no longer need to track down paper documentation or signatures; WBCMS-MTO can be used for documentation creation, storage, and approval 
  • Reporting – Comprehensive reporting allows users to generate a number of reports and export them into different formats 
  • Data creation – On site, real-time data creation and recording of activities allows users to enter notes, take pictures or videos and attach the information to the online record 
  • Free training – Comprehensive training will be provided to all users.  


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