Web-Based Contract Management Service

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WBCMS-MTO Overview

In 2014, MTO entered into an agreement with Aurigo Software Technologies to provide a complete set of applications and hosting services, including all equipment, hardware, third-party software, facilities and services necessary to host and maintain the solution. After all phases of the project are complete, users (MTO and external service providers) for all contracts will be required to use this system.


WBCMS-MTO will be used as the web-based solution to deliver all aspects of the contract delivery lifecycle:


Figure 1: Contract Delivery Lifecycle


In the Contract Delivery Lifecycle figure, in Award Contract, after the contract is awarded, the legal agreement is executed and contract award details will be updated by MTO in WBCMS-MTO. After MTO updates the contract details, the contract then needs to be set up in WBCMS-MTO by MTO and the external service provider.


In Contract Set-up, MTO will upload all contract information, such as specification documents, itemized bid, and the project budget. The winning bidder will receive an email notification, and be required to follow the instructions to access the WBCMS-MTO portal and set up their subscription(s). This process may involve adding team members, attaching relevant documents, reviewing the tender, building a checklist specific to the contract requirements (e.g. the tasks and milestones defined in Part B of the CAIT Manual), and so on. All contract documents will be located electronically in WBCMS-MTO, including the tender, items list, quantities, drawings and so on. The external service provider will manage their own company user profiles, and assign roles and key contacts for the contract.


After the contract is set up, the contract will be managed online. Both MTO and the external service provider, as required, will Monitor Contract Schedule, Maintain Contract Documents, Monitor Contract Costs, Monitor Quality Control, and Monitor and Assess Performance. This will include activities such as approving start-up meetings; recording daily activities; conducting requests for clarification; tracking work accomplishments; managing change orders (details, estimate, and price agreement); recommending payment requests; managing incidents, events, and claims; conducting material testing; generating reports; and managing certificates (e.g. substantial performance, final completion acceptance), construction reports, warranties, document release, and correspondence.


Upon Close, MTO and the external service provider, as required, will be involved in managing performance assessments, milestone reports, construction reports, closing of claims, and release of warranties and liens.


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